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Horseshoe Media Embraces the Waves of Music and Sunshine at BeachLife Ranch Festival

There's something magical about the combination of music, sun, and sand that brings people together in a way nothing else can. Our team can attest to this after attending the annual BeachLife Ranch Festival, held on the shores of Redondo Beach, over the weekend.

The BeachLife Ranch Festival takes the concept of a music festival and infuses it with the laid-back, carefree spirit of beach life. We enjoyed live performances from a diverse lineup of artists spanning various genres, including rock, blues, folk and country. The headliners including Jack Johnson, Cody Jinks and Brad Paisley, alongside emerging artists and local talent, created a dynamic and inclusive musical experience. We especially enjoyed listening to Midland, Wynonna Judd and Abby Anderson’s sets.

The Lowlands stage was set against the backdrop of the ocean, creating an incredible atmosphere where you can dance to the rhythm of the waves on the sandy beach. Our team also strolled along the beach to check out all the venues had to offer. In contrast, the Highlands stage created a relaxed, grassy retreat during the day and a vibrant dance party at night. During the day, this was the perfect place to lay down a beach towel and take a little snooze.

The festival offered a delicious array of BBQ classics and Southern California cuisine. King’s Hawaiian made for a perfect mid-day pick-me-up, with their free pulled-chicken sandwiches. The various beers on tap and sponsored cocktails were a perfect addition to soaking up the sun and singing all night. To find some shade, we found solace in line-dancing at the Tito’s Barn and listening to karaoke at Jack Daniels’ Karaoke.

With its diverse lineup, stunning coastal location, and mouthwatering delights, it's no wonder that this festival has quickly become a favorite for us and Southern Californians. We were so fortunate for BeachLife Ranch Festival to sponsor All Country News this month and bring us on for event coverage again this year. Unforgettable memories were made in a world of sun-soaked melodies and ocean breezes… Until next year!


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