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Digital & Social Media Marketing: What You Should Focus On In 2023

It doesn't matter if you're a public figure or a brand, the Horseshoe Marketing team put together the 5 things you should focus on to propel your brand forward as we enter the new year, and the uncharted waters that is 2023.


You have to be following along to know what's relevant. Check Instagram and TikTok regularly to know what audio or trend is going to push the needle each week.


Branding is long-term and will outlast any post or campaign. Spend some extra time finalizing your branding, updating your logo, selecting fonts and choosing key colors to enhance your feed for the long run.


People will follow you for your content. Focus on consistent content that aligns with the market you are trying to reach. Narrow down that market further with more specific content to reach the niche who is most likely to take action.


Everyone has their favorite platform, make sure your content is available there. Even if you aren't active every day, make sure you have a presence on platforms where you don't yet have a big reach such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Triller, or YouTube.


Track your numbers and be proud of every positive trend you see. Social media is getting more and more competitive with the heavy increase in creators these past few years, but the pie to share is growing too. Audiences across socials are only increasing, so should your numbers.

Best of luck in 2023!

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