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Track45 Awarded All Country News 2022 Artist of the Year

The All Country News team is honored to recognize Track45 as the first ever…

All Country News - Artist of the Year

This award goes to the artist who has gone above and beyond in their partnership with All Country News throughout the year, and without a doubt Track45 has made an incredible impact in 2022.

Let’s break it down!!

  • Track45’s iconic jingle and theme music was heard on all 52 of the weekly All Country News podcast episodes this year

  • Track45 partnered with All Country News to create the “COME ON IN” Good Scentiments candle to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

  • Track45 sported the All Country News Cowboy Hat hat in their official announcement for their song “Family”

  • Fans listened to Track45 share their story as a band all year long on the Country Confidential podcast episode titled “Life in a Trio”



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