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Digital Advertising

Also know as Paid Media Buys, is essentially paying for your content to be seen by accounts who don't already follow you. This is the easiest and quickest way to reach potential consumers online.

Horseshoe Marketing will fully manage your online advertising budget through custom content strategy and audience targeting. We continually optimize running ads to ensure your brand reaches the maximum number of people possible.


HCCS (Health Care Coding Systems) is a leading medical coding company based in Fort Myers, FL, and is always working towards growth – this means consistent lead-generation for potential clients, as well as qualified candidates for hiring.

Horseshoe Marketing fully managed all HCCS digital advertising campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, from copywriting and graphic design, all the way to targeting, optimizing, and reporting. HCCS’ ads now run with CPCs (cost-per-click) as low as $0.55, which is more than 250% lower than industry averages. These campaigns ensure that HCCS always has a healthy flow of leads to grow their business.


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