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On-Site Content Collection

It's always helpful to have an extra pair of hands taking photos and recording videos at your event or shoot. Knowing exactly what to capture in the moment takes a deep understanding of the platforms your content will live on.

Horseshoe Marketing will collect high quality content at your event or shoot from an expert-eye. We are also able to edit and post content live in the moment so your followers can keep up in real time. From red carpets to music video shoots, our team is able to maximize your social efforts on the ground by collecting content to bank, edit, and post.


When leading country music news platform All Country News covers concerts, festivals, and private events, effective on-site content collection and posting strategies are essential for @allcountrynews to be the first to break coverage to audiences across social media platforms.

Horseshoe Marketing provides full support at events from planning to execution to ensure that @allcountrynews’ coverage is visible across all channels and formats including Instagram Stories, Reels, still photos, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube interviews.

Our on-site content collection produces creative content on the fly, reaching millions of fans during events and festivals like Stagecoach, Tortuga, Windy City Smokeout, Beach Life, CMA Fest, and more.


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